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Author: Pamela Clare
Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: October 03, 2006
Language: English
ISBN: 0425212602
Product Length: 4.29 inches
Product Width: 1.0 inches
Product Height: 6.82 inches
Product Weight: 0.38 pounds
Package Length: 6.69 inches
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Average Customer Rating: based on 101 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 101 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

43 of 45 found the following review helpful:

5FANTASTIC!!!!!! An enthralling,terrific book!Oct 03, 2006
By Bo
THIS is the kind of book you will want to read over & over again! Pamela puts you in the front seat,straps you in tight & hits the gas!!! You will feel as though you are truly experiencing the story,not just watching from the sidelines,a distant observer.She has a special talent for bringing even the smallest details to life,with clever,imaginative writing that keeps you glued to the pages,wondering exactly what will happen next.

The hero,Julian,is especially compelling as he pursues the sick & twisted criminals who perpetuate modern-day slavery.He goes after them with a ruthless intensity and determination that you will revel in.Watching Julian interrogate suspects is like watching a thrilling episode of your favorite police show without all the commercials or the agonizing wait between seasons.Add to that his undeniable sex appeal and his chemistry with Tessa,and it's easy to see why he is so compelling.

Tessa is a wonderful character as well,not just an afterthought without substance.She has plenty of courage and intelligence,which makes the sparks between her and Julian flare even more brightly.The love scenes are hot & exciting without seeming misplaced or excessive,and their relationship is developed in a way that feels natural and true.

There is also plenty of humor to break up the tension,not only between Julian & Tessa,but her group of friends and Julian as well.

You will NOT be disappointed in this book;it has EVERYTHING you could ever want:mystery,danger,suspense,laughter,lust,love,revenge and justice.HARD EVIDENCE is a keeper to be read again and again!

31 of 34 found the following review helpful:

5Another spectacular effort by Pamela ClareOct 09, 2006
By cmiller
In her line of work as an Investigavtive Journalist, Tessa Novak thought she had seen it all. When she witnesses the murder of a young hispanic girl who was standing less than three feet away from her, Tessa is determined to bring the young girl justice. With her investigative instincts humming and the last words of the dead girl ringing in her head, Tessa sets out to find the truth behind the murder.

Special Agent Julian Darcangelo has been trying to bring Alexi Burien down for over five years. When Burien slipped through the net three years before, Julian swore that he would get Burien off the streets and save the lives of innocent young girls, or die trying. After seeing him at the scene of the murder, Tessa inacurately pins him as a suspect. When he sees the article on the front page of the Denver Independent, he knows that he has to bring Tessa into the case.

Though Julian is not in the habit of trusting reporters, he soon realizes that Tessa isn't to be lumped in with reporters only looking for glory. He learns that she cares about what she writes and does it to try to inform the public and help people at the same time. Though they are instantly attracted to each other, Tessa doesn't trust Julian, while Julian refuses to get close to anyone.

Hard Evidence is a fantastic romantic suspense. While human-trafficking isn't something that is usually on the front page, Pamela Clare brings it to life. It is horrific to think that there are really young girls out there that are being taken against their will and sold. The romance between Julian and Tessa help tone down the horror, but does not retract from the suspense at all.

Don't miss it!

25 of 30 found the following review helpful:

5WOW! Incredible! Intense! Unbelievable Read!Oct 03, 2006
By Blue Tangle
As much as I love romantic suspense, I believe Pamela Clare's contemporary novels deserve a sub-genre of their own - perhaps something like "Romantic Ficumentary?" I say that, because the fiction she writes feels so incredibly real, it could easily be confused for a documentary. Yet, the intensity and the passion in her stories make them oh-so-very entertaining, that I can hardly put the books down before I've read them cover-to-cover.

Hard Evidence is a richly crafted story, which tugs on a number of emotional strings. Heart-wrenching childhood misfortunes, undeniable reality of human violence, the struggle between ethics and instincts, pulse-raising passion and sizzling sensuality are some of the reasons this book is a must-read! The unforgettable cast of characters is perhaps the icing on the cake.

Tessa Novak, an investigative reporter for Denver Independent, is a high profile murder witness, determined to shine a light on the apparent violence taking place on the streets through her writing. Trying to sidestep the danger her life is in, she hopes to get to the bottom of the investigation of the murder she witnessed. Unfortunately, the man she initially suspects to be the killer, is an undercover FBI agent, whom she could inadvertently bring out of the shadows...

Julian Darcangelo has spent what feels like most of his life trying to bring down a major human trafficking empire. As he is closing in on the trail, Tessa becomes a hurdle in more ways than just interfering with his investigation. He is furious with her and attracted to her at the same time.

Tessa is just as attracted to Julian, but refuses to give up investigating him or her work on the case. Armed with the knowledge that Tessa means something to Julian, the killer renews his grudge with an ever growing violent determination.

The hardest part of facing the danger their lives are in, is trusting each other, something neither Julian, nor Tessa, is certain they can do...

Sometimes I find the lack of first hand knowledge or adequate research on the subject of a book (i.e. Navy SEALS, Army Rangers, etc.) so apparent on the writers part, that the book becomes distracting and even silly at times. The fact that Ms. Clare is an investigative reporter in real life, and has first hand knowledge of the things she writes about, adds to the intelligence and believability of the book. I say BRAVO Ms. Clare! and wholeheartedly recommend this book!

10 of 11 found the following review helpful:

54 1/2 Stars, rather than actual 5. Clare's usual excellent and enthralling writing, but a bit repetitive of Extreme ExposureOct 16, 2007
By Alyce In Wonderland "The Looking Glass"
Investigative Reporter ("I- Team") Series:

Extreme Exposure

Hard Evidence

Unlawful Contact

I might be judging Clare a bit harder than I would other authors, because she is so much better at what she does than most other authors. The story was very good. The characters had depth. The romance was steamy. I really did enjoy this book. However, I can't honestly say I liked it as much as Clare's other work.

Tessa is a reporter for a small local newspaper. When she witnesses a murder, she becomes determined to investigate and expose the killers.

Julian has been working under cover for several years to stop a huge child prostitution ring. He is just a step away from the final proof needed to bring down the criminals. The last thing he needs is for a nosey reporter to expose all of his hard- earned evidence.

When Tessa's articles capture the attention of the prostitution boss, her life is threatened. Julian has no choice but to keep her in hiding until he can arrest the criminals who are harming teens and who now wish to silence Tessa for good.

The heroine character in Hard Evidence, Tessa, seemed to copy the Extreme Exposure heroine in a couple of ways that made Tessa too predictable for the reader. First, she was over- the- top about doing her research as a reporter for a small local newspaper. She put herself in situations that were much more dangerous than an actual newspaper reporter would. "I have to do my job" was repeated several times, as it was in Extreme Exposure. Also, late in the tale, she becomes suspicious of the hero, Julian, and begins to investigate him even as she continues to live and sleep with him.

Tessa's character seemed immature and irresponsible. The police and Julian, an under cover officer, ask her not to continue writing in the paper about the things she uncovers because it will alert the bad guys about the case they are building to stop the crime ring for good. Tessa doesn't respect that these men know more about fighting crime than she does. She does irrational things like walking into a gang neighborhood, alone no less, to interview some dangerous gang members in an alley. It caused me to think that Tessa must be either insane or very stupid. Her actions cause the hero to be shot when he covers her body with his own during gang- related gun fire as he tries to get her out of gang town. She promises never to go back to that neighborhood, but continues to dig and research criminals who are even more dangerous than the gangs. She does eventually agree not to risk the police investigation any further, but by then she had lost my respect.

So why did I still give the book 5 stars? The writing and the core story are terrific. I had a hard time putting the book down. The hero character was strong, smart, protective, a bit soul- tortured from past experiences, and charmingly artless when doing romantic things for the heroine. The story as a whole was fast paced and engaging. These details, along with the fact that Tessa does show regret for the pain and trouble caused by her actions, kept the story at the top of the rating scale for me.

Want to read the series? Here is the link to the first and third books:
Extreme Exposure

Unlawful Contact (Berkley Sensation) (Best of the series so far!)

Pamela Clare's Historical Romance favorites:
Three Part Series:
Sweet Release
Carnal Gift
Ride The Fire (Leisure Historical Romance) --One of my personal all- time favorite historicals!

First in Clare's second historical series:
Surrender (Leisure Historical Fiction)

The Sequel, "Untamed" is scheduled for release in November 2008

If you enjoy romantic tales between protective men and modern women, try the "Bullet Catchers" series. Here are the first three of the series:
Kill Me Twice (The Bullet Catchers, Book 1)
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3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4Great mystery/suspense thriller with a sweet/sexy romanceJun 23, 2010
By Shannon C. "Reviewer"
This was my first book by this author and I was very pleasantly surprised. With its edge-of-your-seat suspense, edgy leading man, and immersive police/FBI case, it reminded me in style to one of my favorite cop series--the Prey books by John Sanford. But it also had a sexy and sweet romance mixed into the storyline. I liked the main characters and supporting cast. The hero was an undercover agent working a long running, horrible sex crimes/human trafficking case. He came from a hard background and his adult life was just as tough given the cases he worked. While the heroine had a tough time growing up, she worked hard, got an education and became a successful investigative reporter as an adult. I liked that the characters weren't perfect and had issues to deal with. The bad guy was one of the nastiest, slimiest villians I've read about in a long time, and you really wanted to see him taken down. The only area for improvement was that the storyline was a little predictable at times, however the big mystery of the leak at the FBI was a surprise. The cover was also cheesy/lame, but I know that's not in the author's control. All in all, this was a very good read and I plan to buy the other books in this series.

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