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Product Details:
Author: Melissa Kirsch
Paperback: 640 pages
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Publication Date: November 16, 2006
Language: English
ISBN: 0761135790
Product Length: 7.0 inches
Product Width: 1.0 inches
Product Height: 8.0 inches
Product Weight: 1.74 pounds
Package Length: 7.8 inches
Package Width: 6.9 inches
Package Height: 1.4 inches
Package Weight: 1.4 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 63 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 63 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

60 of 60 found the following review helpful:

5Must-have book for 20-something womenNov 18, 2006
By Pimm
I am giddy, absolutely giddy, with delight over this book. First off, let me admit that I love "guides" of this sort, so I was already pretty excited before it arrived. But this truly is a must-have guide for young women. It is a seriously helpful, but also cute and quite funny, book bursting with information that every woman should really have. I own a bunch of this type of book (such as "The Go-Girl Guide," "Three Black Skirts," "Modern Girl's Guide" and "How to Walk in High Heels"), and this is by far the most comprehensive and useful of all of them. It provides serious, expert advice on everything from how to deal with menstrual cramps, which nutritional supplements to take, and how to balance your checkbook, 6 steps to furthering your career, how to buy a house, set the table, avoid cell phone borishness, how to know when a relationship is over, to how to make an all-purpose vinagrette, 8 ways of wearing the same black dress, how to prevent stress, how to deal with roommates, etc. You can open this book to any page and find thoughtful, serious advice gleaned from experts, and presented in a friendly, humorous manner. Kirsch does not dumb down any of her information, but she manages to keep up a lively, fun style of writing that makes learning how to get rid of rodents an engrossing and funny experience, if you can imagine.

I also love the book's format and design. It has lots of great, charming little illustrations throughout, and tons of sidebars, quotes, special topics, etc. to break up the text and make it easy to find information. It has a very helpful appendix with a checklist of things to check when looking at houses or apartments to buy or to rent. I really wish I had that, as well as a lot of other information in this book, before now. This is a wondeful book, and a perfect gift for any women in their 20s or 30s who you care about.

38 of 38 found the following review helpful:

5LAUGH OUT LOUD practical guide to lifeNov 21, 2006
By Anonymous
Sent this to my college-age daughter and WOW did I hit LOTTO. Yours truly looked "brilliant...way cool dad...awesome book...THANKS". She's gone and purchased books (on my nickel) for all her friends in the dorm. I must confess to reading a few chapters and laughing at loud. While I hate to admit it, I think Girl's Guide has better advice then this ol' dad.

19 of 19 found the following review helpful:

5Hilarious yet useful.Dec 03, 2006
By Gretchen C. Rubin
This book somehow manages to be hilariously funny, yet also practical enough to be helpful. I dog-eared many pages -- for example, about how to fix a falling hem with iron-fusible tape (how it possible that I never knew such a product existed?). And it answered many questions I never knew I had, such as: what's the purpose of an underwire bra, anyway? I loved it! Good for a straight read-through or browsing.

11 of 11 found the following review helpful:

5Lives up to its title: Everything a girl needs to knowDec 28, 2007
By Natalie
Melissa Kirsch's book is filled to the brim with helpful, practical information that a girl needs to know to survive in this modern world. It's probably most useful for someone in their 20's, but is a great read for women of all ages.

The book is organised into the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Health and Body Image (information on diet, exercise, stress, physical and mental health)

Chapter 2: Careers and Work (information on resumes, cover letters, job interviews, networking, office etiquette)

Chapter 3: Money and Finance (covers budgeting, credit cards, investing, renting vs buying)

Chapter 4: Etiquette (includes conversation dos and don'ts, table, wedding and phone etiquette and being a good hostess and guest)

Chapter 5: Friends (advice on living with roommates, being a good friend, balancing friendship with dating and de-friending)

Chapter 6: Dating, Sex and Romance (covers first dates, finding a date and a dateable guy, safe sex, break-ups, moving in and long-term relationships)

Chapter 7: Family (advice on how to get along with your parents and siblings)

Chapter 8: Spirituality (covers spirituality and ethics)

Chapter 9: Home Ec (advice on finding a place to live, keeping house, laundry, cooking and how to deal with difficult roommates)

Chapter 10: Fashion (advice on finding what looks best on you, accessorises, beauty treatments, getting a decent haircut and finding the right bra)

The book is very well-written and researched. The author provides references for a number of excellent books in each chapter if the reader would like further information on a particular topic.

All in all, a fantastic book that every girl should own. It makes a great gift too. Highly recommended!!!

8 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5Girl's Guide to Absolutely EverythingJan 10, 2007
By Robert S. Abernethy "Chipperdawg"
My 23 year old daughter absolutely loved this book. She thinks most girls graduating from college need a copy.

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