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Product Details:
Author: Leslie Patricelli
Board book: 28 pages
Publisher: Candlewick
Publication Date: September 14, 2010
Language: English
ISBN: 0763644765
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Product Weight: 0.65 pounds
Package Length: 6.9 inches
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Average Customer Rating: based on 678 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 678 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

300 of 315 found the following review helpful:

5Love this book!Mar 10, 2011
By Jlane
Ok, so after sabotaging my child's potty training by thinking that I could MAKE him sit on the little potty, my son no longer wants to get within 20 feet of a toilet. Yay for me setting us back 5 yrs! I read that I should start reintroducing the idea of potty training by speaking positively about it, reading him books, and just generally getting him excited about peeing somewhere other than his diaper. I read through reviews of many, many books for kids and decided on 3 of them. Heck, if I thought it would help I'd buy all of them! I got the books in the mail yesterday afternoon...and proceeded to read every one of them to my son last night! Can we say, "desperate mommy"?!?

Fortunately, my son (2.5 yrs old) loves to be read to and was thrilled to have new books. This morning I changed his diaper and put on his cloth training pants (much better, in my opinion, than disposable training pants because they give the feel of underwear, but the protection of disposable diapers!), which he happens to like wearing, and for the next hour and a half I offered the potty to my son several times. Each time he said no, I just said, "That's ok! Maybe later!". Each time he DID say yes, I immediately got the books out, and he asked for this book, "Potty", each time. While he sat on his potty, I read the book to him. He did this probably 3 times over the hour and a half and I was surprised that he kept his underwear dry this entire time (and completely shocked that he actually sat on the potty!). Then, he suddenly went over to the potty, and said, "go potty!". I think he was actually talking to his bear (that I had placed on the potty...another trick I read in a book), but I excitedly asked if he needed to go potty. He actually said yes, so I helped him get his undies off and he sat down and, again, chose the Potty book. We didn't even make it through the first page before he peed! I am so glad we got this book because it has helped to positively introduce potty training back into my kiddo's life.

The book is very nice because it has simple words. In the books for children that I have read, the vast majority of them are too wordy, and seem as if they are written for much older children (4 yrs). I would assume that the typical potty-training child is around the age of 2-3, and therefore benefit from easy-to-understand, short sentences or phrases, and clear, engaging pictures. This book has all of that, plus some extra humor in there for children who understand it, and adults who appreciate it.

81 of 88 found the following review helpful:

5Perfect timingSep 16, 2010
By msward "wardrm"
The arrival of Potty couldn't be more perfect. My husband and I are just starting to introduce the idea of potty training to our two year old who's recently shown some interest. My son is already a huge fan of Yummy Yucky and No No Yes Yes, both on regular rotation as bedtime reads. Since Potty arrived in the mail two days ago, both my husband and I have read it over fifty times. As soon as the last page is turned, my son will ask for us to read it to him again. With its bright and humorous graphics and simple wording, Potty is a perfect book for introducing a little one to the idea of potty training. It's not overwhelming like some children's books which can be loaded down with words and too many graphics. Instead, Patricelli's books capture kids because they are simple, to the point, humorous, and engaging. Kids get Patricelli, and Leslie Patricelli gets kids.

59 of 69 found the following review helpful:

5Great Potty bookOct 26, 2010
By A. C. Shrouf
My son loves this potty book, and so do I. Unlike everybody poops and similar books this one actually shows the child what needs to be done...sit on the potty and wait! This was the fist book that my son actually got really engaged in, laughing at funny parts, responding to questions the little kid asks, and best of all asking "again?" when I get to the end. We just bought another of Leslie Patricelli's board books (Yummy Yucky) and the same result. She does really well in targeting the 18+ month super active kids, because the stories aren't too involved language-wise for them to follow, and really comes at it from their point of view. Will be getting more of her books.

44 of 55 found the following review helpful:

3Helpful but lackingMar 20, 2011
By Monica Joan
Bought this for my 18m old.
She enjoys seeing the baby and the animals.

I found it lacking. It spent so much time addressing if the kid wanted to use the potty that it doesn't really talk about what happens afterward (wiping, hand washing). It also bothered me how many times it shows the kid getting off the potty. My daughter looks at the pics and gets up to imitate him which is not the part I want her to emulate!

Honestly though, I haven't really found many potty books I am altogether happy with. This is probably one of the better ones, but I still am not thrilled about it. It lacks educationally. Guess you can't win them all.

24 of 31 found the following review helpful:

1Not that greatJan 09, 2013
By Brooke
When we were looking at potty training books, this one came highly recommended. For the life of me, I can't really understand why. It isn't very interesting and the plot of the story makes no sense. The baby has to go potty really badly but then ends up falling asleep on the potty while he's waiting for something to happen? This book was only read a couple of times before ALL of use lost interest in it. If you're looking for a good potty book, get "Even Firefighters Go To the Potty. Its a much better book and certainly much more interesting.

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