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Author: Alvin Reid
Paperback: 480 pages
Publisher: B&H Academic
Publication Date: October 01, 2009
Language: English
ISBN: 0805445420
Product Length: 6.0 inches
Product Width: 1.5 inches
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Product Weight: 1.63 pounds
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Package Weight: 1.3 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 25 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 25 customer reviews )
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25 of 25 found the following review helpful:

5A Review of Evangelism Handbook, by Dr. Alvin ReidFeb 01, 2010
By C. M. Aiken
Dr. Alvin Reid, Evangelism Handbook, (Nashville: B&H Publishing Group), 2009. 460 pages reviewed.

It is unfortunate that I completed this book so early in 2010...since I do not think it is possible for any book to top it all year. I have the highest praises for Dr. Reid and this incredible resource.

As a pastor, I know that when I mention "evangelism" I get mixed responses from those I speak to. Some are incredulous that I would think my religious beliefs are the only ones that provide peace with God. Others become ashamed because they know that evangelism is a command of Scripture and they are in some manner disobedient to the command. Still others are dismissive, thinking that they already know all that there is to know on the subject (been there, got the t-shirt). However, this book is written to a fourth the person who desires to understand both the why and the how of evangelism.

There is nothing about this book that fits into the "five easy steps to making disciples" category of Christian books. It is thoughtful, theological, worshipful, practical, and missional. Dr. Reid is diligent and faithful to not speak over the reader's head. He uses theological terminology at times, but always takes the time to explain it...making this book accessible for both scholars and novices.

While I would love to pick a favorite part of the book, I really cannot, since doing so would cause me to write a review close in length to the work itself. One of the engaging features of the book is its use of allusions and quotes from evangelists of different eras. Reid is at home discussing Erwin McManus, Alan Hirsch, or Roy Fish. Doing so demonstrates while each of these men come from a different era and approach to the practice of evangelism, the common heartbeat of all of these men... is that all peoples may know Jesus.

The book has so impressed me, I have purchased copies for my entire staff. I would recommend the book to anyone who seeks to understand the "why" of evangelism better. While there are many practical "hows" in the book, none if it matters unless you are fully convinced of the "why" of evangelism, and the "who" of evangelism. If you have ever been intimidated by the subject of evangelism, this volume is just for you. You will read it and feel encouraged as well as being better equipped.

As I think of the texts I have read on the subject and those taught from in the seminaries I attended, there is no single volume more valuable for a student than this one.

A word of recommendation: Do not get this book to rush through it in a week. While there is something to be gained from doing so, I feel the greater value is found in reading and considering the material deeply before proceeding.

I HIGHLY recommend this book!!

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

5A must have for ministersMar 18, 2011
By Gary M. May "Bapt4Him"
To many evangelism books are lacking, and might not work well with all that are into reaching the lost, but this one does. For in my library of over hundred books on evangelism, this is one of my favorites. And others also. He covers the Biblical reasons for it. The history of how it's been done. The impact of a spiritual life. He talks about reaching all the different people. I love it.

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Very interesting bookApr 06, 2011
By Truthwarrior
This is a great book. Very challenging. I would recommend this book to anyone interesting in taking a serious look at evangelism.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5Enjoyable, Informed ReadFeb 03, 2014
By Randi Cruz
Easy to read and understand, sparks ideas in the reader, uses descriptive metaphor in places but does not do so ad nauseum. Amidst all the examples, there is a clear intention to the writing that never gets lost in the craft of writing. The author clearly has a purpose for what he's saying, is informed about his topic, and clearly communicates his passion for evangelism.

5The One How To Do Evangelism Book Every Evangelist Should ReadDec 17, 2012
By Harold Cameron "HaroldSays"
"Biblical, Spiritual, Intentional, Missional!"

"In Matthew 5, Jesus calls believers the salt of the earth and light of the world. Indeed, we must reach out to tell others His story of sacrifice and grace so glory is given to God throughout our communities and the entire planet.

Evangelism Handbook is a thorough guide to the daily ministry of sharing Christ. Writer and professor Alvin Reid is particularly concerned about how the Western Church is practicing evangelism--its failure to reach the hardcore unchurched and its trend of losing young people faster than it can win them.

With all of that in mind, Reid organizes his research and experience in effective modern evangelism into four clear and actionable categories: Biblical (with chapters on Jesus, Paul, and evangelism in Acts), Spiritual (the work of the Spirit, the power of prayer and other disciplines), Intentional (leadership, creativity, worship), and Missional (church planting, reaching the unchurched)." (From the B&H Publishing Group Website) One of BaptistMessenger.Com's Editor's Picks for 2009!

About the Author: Alvin Reid is associate dean of Proclamation Studies, professor of Evangelism, and Bailey Smith Chair of Evangelism at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

My Thoughts About the Book: The book EVANGELISM Handbook, is indeed "Biblical, Spiritual, Intentional, Missional," Informational, Encouraging, and Edifying. The author neatly breaks the book down into four main parts, those being; Part 1 Biblical, Part 2 Spiritual Resources, Part 3 Intentional, and finally Part 4 Missional. He then effectively provides the reader Biblically Centered, helpful and practical insights that somehow relates to all four areas.

The book consists of 468 pages of material that includes a large amount of Scripture, numerous quotes from the writings of church leaders, and practical nuts and bolts, how you do evangelism when you are in the trenches information that anyone who does evangelism will surely find invaluable. I have to say that this book is to Evangelism what an auto repair manual is to the professional and lay mechanic - it is an essential resource and tool so that the evangelist can be fully equipped and most used of God in the Spirit-driven ministry of Evangelism. And two aspects of the ministry of Evangelism that author Reid covers is regarding the "Work of the Spirit" and the "Power of Prayer" bringing the supernaturalness of God into the work of evangelism. At the end of each chapter there are Questions for Consideration so the reader can stop and ponder what they have read and consider how to make what they have learned practical in their lives.

I can see why Evangelism Handbook was chosen as the BaptistMessener.Com's Editor's Pick in 2009. The book is worthy of such reward for all the wisdom it shares and help it provides for people who do the work of evangelism or want to do the work of an evangelist. Anyone and everyone who wants to be effective in winning souls for the Lord regardless of their position or ministry in the church needs to read this book and then do as it suggests. If that were to happen we would have Holy Spirit driven, holy, men and women, wholly committed to and being more successful in doing the Gospel Commissioned work of evangelism which in turn would lead to more souls being saved.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the B&H Publishing Group for reviewing the book. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

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