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Author: E. W. Bullinger
Hardcover: 2176 pages
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Publication Date: February 15, 1993
Language: English
ISBN: 0825421802
Product Length: 6.5 inches
Product Width: 2.0 inches
Product Height: 9.6 inches
Product Weight: 3.4 pounds
Package Length: 9.6 inches
Package Width: 6.6 inches
Package Height: 2.0 inches
Package Weight: 3.6 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 440 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 440 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

276 of 283 found the following review helpful:

4Stick to the topic...Feb 04, 2005
By Michael A. Oxley
It is unfortunate that many reviewers of the Companion Bible talk more of one man's ministry than of this most excellent bible. This bible is used by many ministries and a discussion of their merits and mistakes simply does not belong here. Let's stick to the subject matter, the book itself, shall we?

This bible is a King James Version and as such should be familiar to anyone. Each page is split in two, one side containing the KJV text and the other side containing E.W. Bullinger's notes. There is also an impressive set of appendices that cover almost any topic you could ask about.

As you read the KJV text, there are notations that tell you when Bullinger has something to say about the verse or word noted. These comments are in the side bar next to the KJV text. Here's a warning: to save space, Bullinger sometimes will reference a previous verse where he has already explained the word in question. Backtracking these quickly becomes a chore, so I use a Strong's Concordance to find the word faster. These 'notes' also help you to break the bible down into an organized outline, often revealing a deeper meaning in the texts.

The appendices included are small essays and charts explaining everything from Greek grammar, to Hebrew customs and figures of speech. You simply cannot understand any bible unless you fully read and understand Bullinger's appendices. Be warned that some appendices contain information that is controversial. Rest assured, however, that Bullinger offers biblical and historical proof for each of his statements. Judge for yourself if these have any merit.

E.W. Bullinger never really wanted his name associated with this bible so as to let his work, not his name, speak for itself. His comments in the Companion Bible reflect the time period in which he lived (late 1800's) and offer insight into many Christian theories that were new in his time, but to us now seem old. The rapture theory and the gap theory being two of these.

Buy this bible. Read this bible. Though you may disagree with some of Bullinger's comments, you will never regret your purchase.

192 of 197 found the following review helpful:

5Companion Bible-The VERY BEST STUDY BIBLE in print.Dec 14, 1996

There is no doubt in my mind that The Companion Bible is
the best Study Bible available to date. No other Bible has
the kind of exhaustive information found in this Bible.
EVERY (absolutely EVERY) single page of verse has study
notes. Many pages have more than half their space filled
with study notes, both technical notes for hardcore readers,
and helpful clarifications for the layman. And then there are
the dates in the margin, the extensive structure outlines, and
198 comprehensive appendices in the back about everything
from the Greek classification of figures of speech as used
in the Bible, to weights and measures, to the day of Jesus'
burial. I am appalled that this Bible is priced the same as
other study Bibles,
considering that its value far surpasses that of every
other study Bible I have ever seen.
Unfortunately, very few people know about The Companion
Bible, or about E.W. Bullinger himself, who was truly a
genius of his time. I have reviewed many Bibles, probaly 20
to 30 of the most popular on the market over the years, but
I would recommend no other Bible before the Companion Bible.
If you are serious about making the Word of God a part of
your life, you have no excuse for not obtaining this Bible;
The Companion Bible is a work of art and a definite

246 of 260 found the following review helpful:

5For deeper studentsJul 10, 2000

The fact is, that in order to understand the Fathers word we need to go back to the original languages. (You have read this from most of the other reviews, bar a few)
Also, we need to understand that the Scripture (s) when translated to English from the original tongues (in most cases) does not portray the true meaning of what the Father wrote. Make no mistake, this is done with a purpose! There are many scriptures that state that many of His children will not understand His word? Why? Because we do not take the time, knowledge brings wisdom and wisdom allows you to apply His word in your life. The more you apply His word the more He reveals to you.
What I will comment on is the legitimacy of the Companion Bible. The Companion is the KJV but it also gives you the option (along with other needed study tools) of reading and absorbing the meaning of the phrase, word, parable, etc, from the original language. Don't get me wrong many other Bibles also do this but they choose to do the research for you and then change the translation for you! Will you really allow a stranger make a life altering decision for you?
The Companion also leaves out mans traditional religious thinking. A reviewer wrote that Bullinger leaves out some of these traditions and that the Companion is based in part, on little or no true information. The Companions author had the wisdom to understand that no one flesh being completely understands all of the Fathers word. Bullinger gives you the options to form your own understanding. Bullinger comes clean and states that the answer is not clear or you can tell when something is supposition.
God states that His word is of no private interpretation. To gain Knowledge and wisdom which equates to the Fathers Blessings in your life, one must do their own study. This is what makes the Companion Bible so important for Gods children. If you are truly sincere in finding what God said in His letters to us, the Companion Bible is one of the reference tools you need. For the serious student it is a must. For the curious that have studied for themselves but have hit a dead end, it will inspire thoughts and questions. The Companion will allow you to start to understand Gods word for yourself. In a way that will answer many questions about the past, present and future periods of the time. Our role in the Fathers eternal plan depends on understanding scripture as correct as fleshly possible. The Companion allows you to rid yourself of the fantasy, mysticism, mystery and mans traditional thinking that has been wrongly injected into the Fathers Words.
With His Blessings.

111 of 117 found the following review helpful:

5This beautiful reference work is excellent .Apr 11, 1999

In this generation where technology abounds and biblical works are polluted with man's traditions, I am glad to see that a great work such as the Companion Bible by E.W. Bullinger remains unchanged. Of course, there may be very small flaws in this work but we must remember that the author was not privy to the prophecy that has taken place since its' writing. To the beginning christian, this work offers a great amount of knowledge in providing you a plan on how to study our Fathers word as well as providing a excellent study on the meaning of hebrew, chaldea, and greek words that have different meanings than what the english rendition would have you to believe. To the in depth student or scholar it provides a excellent source for studying the languages and meanings since it brings in to play text from the MASSORAH and figures of speech that are sometimes misunderstood. It also provides a section of appendixes which are rich in research and information from the only CHRISTIAN SCHOLAR that GINSBERG allowed to proof read the MASSORAH. Take it from a student and a follower of our Fathers word when I tell you that this work along with a good Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible is invaluable. It is like having a set of the original manuscripts that our Fathers word was translated from. God Bless you all.

55 of 56 found the following review helpful:

5Bible CompanionMar 26, 2000
By Michael
The Bible Companion by E.W. Bullinger is simply a King James Version Bible, with a great amount of helpful information in it's 198 appendixes'. It's marginal notes are often more helpful than some full concordances to the Greek and Hebrew translations. Bullinger clearly proves his appendixes with a full understanding of the word of God. This is not an opinion Bible, as most study Bibles. Rather a keen reference tool and KJV in one. God Bless you.

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