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Product Details:
Author: the weight-loss experts at Mayo Clinic
Diary: 224 pages
Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books
Publication Date: January 01, 2012
Language: English
ISBN: 1561486779
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Average Customer Rating: based on 144 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 144 customer reviews )
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197 of 199 found the following review helpful:

3Good, but not by itselfMay 25, 2010
By M. Fairchild "Books my thing"
I've used this journal for three weeks now, in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic Diet book. It is very closely keyed to the diet outlined in the main book and is not much use without that (with one big exception, under "Pros" below). It contains no information about the diet itself - you'll need the book for that.

Pros: 1. It does exactly follow the outlined two weeks "Lose It!" and eight weeks "Live It!" plan of the main book, with charts and tables that make it easy to track how you are doing with the diet, habit changes, and physical activity recommendations.
2. It has review pages at the end of the first two weeks and each week thereafter that enable you to evaluate your progress frequently.
3. The most useful feature is a graphic on each day's pages for the "Live It!" section that allows you to track your consumption of food from each category in the diet by simply checking off circles in a pyramid-shaped graph, that also visually reminds you of the diet's emphasis on vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. This is the easiest way I have ever seen of tracking so-called "exchanges" and this feature would also be very helpful to a diabetic trying to track a prescribed exchange-based diet for the first time. The line-by-line entries for the food log in the "Live It!" section have columns for each exchange as well, showing you item by item what you're eating. This is my favorite thing about the journal.

Cons: 1. It only has ten weeks worth of entries, and two weeks of those are for the initial very restricted "Lose It!" program, without the helpful tracking graphics for the exchanges. For many people, it's going to take longer, sometimes a lot longer, than ten weeks to reach a weight loss goal.
2. The initial two week period has limited space for recording food eaten, forcing simplification or even just leaving out some things - which defeats the purpose of a food journal.
3. There are some recipes included during the eight week detailed section, but, very puzzlingly, they simply list the recipe without telling you the number of portions it makes! Some are clearly one portion recipes while others are at least four, maybe even six or eight. While it's possible to figure out what a portion would be, a diet journal that tries to help you track what you eat should certainly give number of portions in its recipes.
4. The binding opens easily but can't be turned back on itself, so it's a bit annoying to use. You can lay it flat, but you can't fold it around, and for many of the pages that would have helped.

This does help you follow the diet plan recommended in the main book, but if you buy it, realize that you may be able to do about as well tracking things on your own with an inexpensive spiral bound notebook from the dollar store. And if you plan to stay on this diet for a while that's what you'll have to do when this one runs out. Don't plan on photocopying it - like many proprietary, copyrighted journals of this nature, it is printed in green ink that photocopies very poorly, if at all. If you want to simplify your record keeping for the main Mayo Clinic Diet book, this will help you do that - at least for the first ten weeks. But it gives you very little that you couldn't come up with yourself, with the exception of a few recipes that, unfortunately, because of their lack of a listing for number of portions each recipe makes, are more confusing than helpufl.

176 of 186 found the following review helpful:

4A good approach to good healthJan 12, 2010
By Ellz Readz "Ellz Readz"
My thoughts...I am going to do this backwards and start with the cons. Actually I should say con, because I see only one problem with the book and that is the title. The Mayo Clinic Diet. I believe the word DIET carries a negative connotation that leaves a bad taste (no pun intended) in your mouth. Also, after reviewing this, I don't believe this is a DIET plan, I believe it to be a smarter way to live your life and manage your health. This is not a rule book saying you have to eat cottage cheese 3 times a day or that you can never eat birthday cake again, it is a guide to establishing and maintaining a healthy weight. Keep reading.

The pros...This book is created by the brains at the Mayo Clinic. For those of you who are not familiar with "The Mayo Clinic, is a very large group of physicians and scientists who work together to care for patients. They treat more than 500,000 patients a year. They, if anyone, are the ones to take health advise from, which is why I decided to review this book.

Their plan is laid out in several steps:
1. add 5 healthy habits such as eat a healthy breakfast, eat fruits and veggies, eat whole grains, healthy fats and exercise. Common sense, right?
2. Break 5 habits such as no unhealthy sugars or snacks, moderate meats and eating out. Makes sense.
3. Adapt 5 bonus habits such as journaling, exercise, making better food choices.

It is all very simple and very achievable. So does it work? Well that is up to you. As the book recommends, you should take a quick quiz to be sure you are ready to make these simple changes in your life. If you cannot commit, it won't work and I don't need to be a doctor to tell you that.

The book also offers some recipes, such as the one found here, and some more health information for understanding your body. It is very thorough. It was accompanied by a really nice journal to keep track of your eating and exercising habits. The only thing I found the journal lacked was a specific column for tracking your fluids. Other than that it is very nice and very easy to use.

I had to laugh because one recommendation said "NO TV while eating and only as much TV time as you spend exercising." I don't watch much TV, but if I changed TV to BLOGGING in that sentence, I would probably look like a swimsuit model by Summer.

Overall I thought this book provided a great plan to optimize your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

65 of 67 found the following review helpful:

5An Essential Ingredient for the Mayo Clinic Diet BookFeb 19, 2010
By Joan Zatorski Puca "amazed soul"
I purchased the Mayo Clinic Diet Journal with a large dose of skepticism, thinking it was mostly a marketing scam that could easily be replaced by a spiral notebook & pencil. However, I'd promised my family & my physician that I'd give 100% of my effort to lowering my cholesterol & getting out of the "pre-diabetic" category. So along with the Mayo Clinic Diet Book, I also ordered the New Mayo Clinic Cookbook and the Mayo Clinic Diet Journal... and I'm very glad I did. Here's why:
If you think of the Mayo Clinic Diet Book as the primary text for a course, then the Mayo Clinic Diet Journal is its daily "workbook" of homework assignments. The journal contains thoughtfully coordinated activities, questions, tasks and tips that reinforce the material covered in the Diet Book. Certainly, reinforcement is a basic part of the learning process; but using the Diet Journal does something more. And it's that "something more" that makes The Mayo Clinic Diet such a success. By working in the journal AS you're reading the book, what you're DOING integrates with what you're READING. It's this basic but incredibly essential link that makes the Mayo Clinic Diet the "success-for-a-lifetime" that it is.
If you're buying The Mayo Clinic Diet..... then buy The Mayo Clinic Diet Journal at the same time. It will change your life for the good, for ever!

89 of 96 found the following review helpful:

5One Persons Journey Through A World of Books Thoughts:Jan 03, 2010
By Sheila A. Dechantal
I love journaling my way through projects and this journal is no exception. This is actually the type of journal I have looked for at book stores for years and could not find.

This is a workout and healthy eating journal that has you document your food and your exercise daily. With space for comments and goals.... it is an ideal way to keep track of your own personal fitness goals. The way this porgram was set up and by using the book to go along with the journal - I found this to be a great motivator.

18 of 18 found the following review helpful:

5Very helpful tool for someone who enjoys "homework"Jan 18, 2010
By Elizabeth Phinney
I love the charts, the space for goals, the accountability and sense of being part of a plan without a monthly fee that this provides. Very helpful.

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