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Product Details:
Author: Moleskine
Hardcover: 192 pages
Publisher: Moleskine
Publication Date: January 01, 2008
Language: English
ISBN: 888370102X
Product Length: 3.75 inches
Product Width: 0.5 inches
Product Height: 5.63 inches
Product Weight: 0.31 pounds
Package Length: 5.59 inches
Package Width: 3.62 inches
Package Height: 0.31 inches
Package Weight: 0.35 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 71 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 71 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

84 of 87 found the following review helpful:

5Outstanding planner!Apr 16, 2009
By Dirk J. Willard "Dirk Willard"
This moleskine has a square grid, which is ideal for engineering. I've used this particular moleskine for graphing data and organizing. I go through one every 2 months on a job transfering permanent information to records. I transfer information to the next book.

It is important to equip the book for your use. I keep a reduced 3-year calender in the front. In the back flap I keep a small ruler, a couple of business cards and some reduced charts for use.I cut the ruler from my old day runner ruler.

This is an ideal organizer because it fits in nearly all shirt breast pockets. This is so much easier than the bulky dayrunner and much more convenient than my blackberry.

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18 of 19 found the following review helpful:

5Sturdy standbyDec 30, 2009
By Brian A. Lee
This is the small notebook that will barely fit in a shirt pocket or pants pocket. It's great for taking with you on trips where the hard cover will keep it from falling apart or getting soaked by sweat. I like the graph paper (instead of the lined or plain paper available) as it is easier to draw maps and sketches. I do wish they were a bit sturdier, but I've found nothing better in 10 years of looking.

14 of 15 found the following review helpful:

5What it claims to be & nothing moreNov 14, 2011
By nrickenb
I've used Moleskine products daily for a long time and haven't had one problem that I didn't cause myself. After all this time I'm still amazed that buyers continue to become frustrated and angry with their Moleskine for not doing what they wanted it to, subsequently complaining that Moleskine either lies about the product or that it has too much "hype". Nowhere in the pamphlet that their products come with does it mention names such as Hemingway and Chatwin and then tell us that we are all artists because we now have one. Neither do they claim to be leather, handmade, invincible or impervious to the treatment some owners subject them to. They are excellent products for what they are (yes, I've tried all the major competitors), not what some imagine them to be.
You are buying a ten to fifteen dollar pocket sized book for writing in, not an expensive, handcrafted piece of stationery meant to be used for months and years before filling. Moleskine pocket notebooks are exactly that: Pocket-sized notebooks. Common sense dictates that pocket doesn't mean your back pocket. It is a note book...meant to jot quick notes, thoughts, sketches and whatever else in. For this purpose you can't find a better product for the money, and at 96 sheets and 192 pages it should be more or less full before it absorbs enough of a user's abuse to destroy it.
Moleskine makes a better product than they should for the low price, no matter where it's made or how. I've gone through A LOT of these notebooks and their quality remains consistent with what I expect. Like any other product, a person should know what to expect, and be reasonable about their expectations, before they make a purchase.

21 of 25 found the following review helpful:

3Lines are too darkApr 26, 2010
By FroggyM
Within the same order, I purchased a pocket sized "ruled" moleskine, a pocket sized "squared" moleskine, and a large sized "squared" moleskine. Unfortunately, the lines in both the squared moleskines are too dark. They are noticeably darker than the lines in the ruled moleskine (I compared them very closely to ensure that my analysis was correct). Indeed, the lines are so dark that it's difficult to read what is written in black pen. The only upside is that if someone is trying to read what you've written, over your shoulder, they will have a difficult time doing so.

This is unfortunate, because my friend's squared moleskine (which he purchased "several years ago") has lines that are much lighter in color, like the lines which appear in the "ruled" moleskines. I'm guessing that I had a bum production batch, or they've amended the product from its previous form.

Also, with the squared moleskine, the lines are too close together. They are closer together than the lines in the "ruled" moleskines. This makes it difficult to write quickly if you're writing one line of text per line. You have to write so small that it's difficult to keep up your writing speed.

Overall, a disappointment. But generally I love moleskine notebooks. Just sucks that the "squared" version (or at least the ones shipped to me) are so flawed.

13 of 17 found the following review helpful:

2Good, but flimsy coverJun 28, 2009
By jzehaz "jzehaz"
I bought this to take with me to jot notes, addresses, etc as it is pocket sized. I have an old Leeds notebook, leather binding, that just cannot hold anymore writing. I purchased this as a substitute. I have the calendar and like it. The binding on this is not very durable. I typically keep ithis in my briefcase and I am finding that the top and bottom of the spine has torn and required scotch tape on both ends to repair. It is a disappointment as I like the design and the paper but the durability is severely lacking. I will try not to ever buy another paper cover notebook again.

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