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Sketchbook Large: Moleskine code QP063F
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Sketchbook Large: Moleskine code QP063F



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ISBN13: 9788883701153

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Product Details:
Author: Moleskine
Hardcover: 100 pages
Publisher: Moleskine
Publication Date: January 01, 2008
Language: English
ISBN: 8883701151
Product Length: 5.25 inches
Product Width: 0.5 inches
Product Height: 8.25 inches
Product Weight: 0.77 pounds
Package Length: 8.3 inches
Package Width: 5.5 inches
Package Height: 0.7 inches
Package Weight: 1.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 275 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 275 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

176 of 181 found the following review helpful:

5A most delicious notebookJan 02, 2009
By Autumn N. Empire
I use the Moleskine Sketchbook as a journal. I often like to adhere mementos to the pages, as well as draw diagrams and sketches, so I prefer the unlined, archival pages. Additionally, I am a bit touchy about ink showing through the back of the page, and find the thick pages of the sketchbook adequate for even a fine Sharpie. The pocket at the back is handy for odd receipts and such, and the elastic keeps larger notes in place. Also, I admit I get a cheap OCD thrill from the uniform line of perfect black books on the bookcase. And they smell divine.

175 of 181 found the following review helpful:

5Wow, this is the best!Feb 18, 2009
By Margarita Ramirez
First: If you experience paper turning white when erasing, you need a better eraser. I use Staedtler Mars plastic erasers and Sanford design or Prismacolor kneaded erasers. From my experience, the kneaded erasers work best.

I am an illustrator, so sketching is a daily need for me. I always battled with sketchbooks because they felt as sturdy as napkins and just as useless when it comes to archiving. Even the heavy grade more expensive ones felt either TOO thick and textured for graphite and ink or just flimsy and overpriced. I had to use bristol board notebooks for a long time (which was expensive) because I just could not find the right balance. All I have to say it - holy cow, this is THE BEST sketchbook I have ever owned.

The paper is thick, poster like (very close to thin bristol board actually) and a very soft beige color. It is, thank God, untextured - very smooth yet holds on to ink perfectly. The thickness allows you to use soft traces of watercolor and diluted ink without a lot of bending. (If you want to go heavier with liquids I suggest you purchase the Moleskine Watercolor Notebook.

The pages are just large enough to give you good room yet small enough so the book is portable. The book bends far enough past the first 2 pages so you can actually draw across the pages. I use my book front to back not leaving one sheet uncovered and can draw horizontal landscapes thanks to the ability to use 2 pages at once. There is a small pocket on the back to store small sheets of paper and random things you might find while wandering the streets looking for inspiration. The hard cover is very thick and sturdy plus it has so many pages for this low low price. You can't beat it.

My only regret is not having owned one sooner! I will never go back to other brands. Now if only they made larger sizes... :)

Edit: January 2014 - Yes, the Folio series was released after this review was written, providing larger format sketchbooks. HOWEVER the paper quality is NOT the same. The pages are much thinner, and the color is different. More of a light, minty color as the classic sketchbooks are a warm beige.

219 of 229 found the following review helpful:

1Used to be fantastic; now...not so muchMay 19, 2012
By bsavering
This item used to be the ONLY sketchbook that I worked in from 2005-2012. I saved up, once again to replace my moleskine that I've been using since early 2010. I received my item and realized, without even taking off the wrapping, that something was different. The book is a few millimeters shorter than it was before, so I compared it to my old book. The pages are so lightweight now that it's silly to pay the premium for these sketchbooks. They also took the yellow tinge off the pages that I loved in my work.

So I researched: apparently they outsourced to China, from Italy, and the quality has obviously dropped without a drop in price.

I'm returning this new moleskine to either try to find an older book that isn't like this new junk, or try to find a new sketchbook to work with. I REFUSE to work with pages this flimsy, especially when I'm carrying around this sketchbook for 2-3 years, just to potentially have it deteriorate in a lesser amount of time as compared to before and still pay the high price.

If you used this in the past and are expecting it to be the same, don't buy it. If you're wanting to try this book out for the first time, go find something else. There are better and cheaper sketchbooks out there than this...thing...

56 of 59 found the following review helpful:

2The paper has changedSep 02, 2009
By Jason S. Alexander
I used these sketchbooks as long as I can remember. Now, the last 3 I've purchased all make my brush pens and calligraphy pens bead up and become maybe 50% opaque. The change in paper and the current Moleskins is just not good. I've had to switch brands after years.

81 of 89 found the following review helpful:

1Buyer beware!!Jun 26, 2012
By Amazon Customer "-marianna"
I want to add my voice to the other reviewers that have noticed a marked change in the quality of this sketchbook. After purchasing a new one I compared it to my old ones. There is definitely a difference in paper color and quality. Instead of a nice cream tint the pages are more of an acid yellow with a slight greenish tinge. The thickness of the paper has been reduced as well I can feel it when I bend and touch the individual pages, and the older sketchbook is taller when viewed side by side. In addition the older sketchbook paper has a bit more tooth, the new one is very smooth in comparison.

I am saddened by the degradation in quality of a previously nice product. If these sketchbooks are now made in China instead of Italy why are they priced so high? Why are we paying an Italian made price for a Chinese made product? Surely the production costs have decreased significantly? Isn't that why a company chooses to move it's production base to China, for the cheaper labor costs? I will be returning mine and looking for a better alternative.

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